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Jose Gonzalez

West Sussex Music
Bass guitar
Hazelwick School
Holy Trinity C of E Secondary School; The; Crawley
Ifield Community College
Maidenbower Junior School
Mill Primary School; The
Oaks Primary School; The
Thomas Bennett Community College
Three Bridges Primary School
Age group
Term times
Education & training

Jose has been working as a music educator for the past 20 years, including the last 7 years in the UK. He has taught different levels and all ages from primary school, secondary school, young adults to retired people. The opportunities Jose had growing up as a musician were exceptional due to a programme called El Sistema in which he took part in in his home country Venezuela. El Sistema offers free access to music education to all children and young people. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn classical guitar but mixed with contemporary music.

Jose has been able to apply this idea often in his work as a professional musician and for this reason he continues to use this idea when teaching guitar to others.  It is also very important in El Sistema that everybody has a solid idea of how the harmony works so Jose also emphasises this in his teaching. He teaches in a very dynamic way and while teaching a piece of music Jose ensures that the student understands what is happening in the whole composition rather than just playing the piece. Also teaching them how to apply their own ideas to the music and express this through their playing is important. Jose believes in being immersed in music so when you perform it comes naturally like a language.

Skills & experience

For the past few years Jose has been working as a whole class teacher. He has developed good skills to manage behaviour in the classroom. Jose is also capable of leading ensembles, even mixing the ensemble with different levels so everybody gets to be part of the performance. It is one of the most satisfying jobs. Jose loves to see his pupils improving. After only a few sessions they are able to play basic tunes, read music or even write their own music and this is very rewarding. Through teaching ukulele with whole class groups Jose has learnt to develop a respectful relationship with the class where he is able to maintain a good atmosphere in the class to promote learning. Teaching both large and small groups has helped him to develop different skills as a teacher and how to deliver the material.

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