African Drumming coming to Chichester Music Centre

MON 05 JUN 2017

Learn something new at our Chichester Music Centre

Chichester African Drumming Group, led by Kristian Bediiako, is a fantastic opportunity for all children to learn African Drumming. No music experience necessary, just a willingness to explore the instruments, make new friends and enjoy this wonderful world of group music-making

The African drumming lessons are aimed at the complete beginner or someone having very limited knowledge in African drumming. The aim is to ensure by the end of the lessons each participant has a very good understanding of one of the main social rhythms found in West Africa, known as KPANLOGO (shortened to KLOGOH).

This will enable the participants not only to play the djembe drum (which will be the drum used in all the lessons) competently and proficiently but will also enable the participants to be able to make up their own songs as well as being able to play along with any rock, blues, reggae or any form of popular music.

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