Music Lessons at School 

Our most popular option, most of our music tuition takes place at school during term time. We can offer group or individual lessons that last between 20 and 30 minutes. We offer 33 lessons across the academic year and our teachers work alongside schools to schedule lessons. This provides the most effective, affordable and enjoyable way to learn, especially in the early stages

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Music Lessons outside of the school day

Whilst lessons in school are a very popular choice for the majority of our pupils, we understand that for some they would prefer to have their lessons outside of the school day. Where it’s not possible to have lessons in schools, we will try to provide the lessons locally at a nearby venue or Music Centre

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Already having lessons...why not join one of our Music Centre activities

With West Sussex Music centres throughout the county you will never have to travel far to find one.

Every week during term time there are a number of activities for ensembles, bands and choirs taking place.  We usually end each term with a series of concerts. 

Once you have signed up with us your child can join as many of these groups as they wish depending on their level of competence (please wait for a confirmation e-mail before taking your child along).Whatever the choice of instrument, level of competence or age, there is usually a suitable ensemble or band at your local Music Centre.

Whether it is a percussion ensemble, string orchestra, wind band, choir or guitar ensemble you will be able to find a group to suit your child's needs. There are also classes in theory and musicianship as well as groups for pre-school children.

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