Donating to the Bursary Fund

Please help us support students who can’t afford to pursue their love of music

In 2011, the Government published a paper entitled The Importance of Music – A national Plan for Music Education.The plan states: Most children receive their first experience of music at school. It is important that music education of high quality is available to as any many of them as possible: it must not be the preserve of those children whose families can afford to pay for music tuition. While music touches the lives of all young people, the disadvantaged can benefit most.

West Sussex Music Trust spent £40,000 last year to support 167 children and young people to whom one of the following applies:

  • In receipt of benefits related free school meals
  • In care
  • Eligible for Pupil Premium funding 

These young people are entitled to free access to tuition and instrument hire as part of a group session and for one instrument as part of the Trust’s charitable purpose. However, there are many other people who are unable to access our provision, either at school or in Music Centres, or both, because funds are not available.

This could be for a number of reasons including a change in family circumstances such as redundancy or separation of parents. Some of the causes are relatively short-lived but could mean a child having to give up much loved playing or singing opportunities or never having the opportunity to start this experience.

Our aim is to be able to extend our Bursary grants so that these marginalised students can start or continue their studies.

We would like to raise an additional £40,000 money to increase our fully funded places by  50% and to be able to offer 50 children the opportunity of a 50% funded place in time for the new school year. This means that the money will have to be in place by early Summer to be able to guarantee places to students.

If you would like to help please go to our Make a Donation page or contact for more information.

Thank you.