Cancellation Notice Form

Please complete the form below to give notice of cancellation for any applicable activities. 

11. Ending lessons

Lessons, Music Centre activities and Instrument hire will continue term on term and year on year until appropriate notice of withdrawal is received. If a pupil withdraws part way through a term, the full term’s charges remain payable in full.

If you wish to cancel, notice must be given by completing the form below.

  • 31 July 2019 to withdraw before the autumn term 2019
  • 30 November 2019 to withdraw before the spring term 2020
  • 31 March 2020 to withdraw before the summer term 2020
  • 31 July 2020 to withdraw before the autumn term 2020

12. Cancellation charge

If notice to withdraw is not given by these dates before the start of term a Cancellation Charge of £45 will be payable towards the cost of rescheduling lessons and/or loss of a teacher’s planned income. Payment of the Cancellation Charge does not entitle a pupil to attend lessons.

If notice to withdraw is given after the start of term the full term’s charges remain payable.

In order for you to complete the form below you must have read the following documents: 


Cancellation Notice Form

Student Details

A copy of your form submission will be sent to this email address.


Please select all that apply

Please select when you wish activities and/or lessons to stop. Please be aware that you may be charged if you do not give sufficient notice. For information on our withdrawal notice date please see section 11. Ending Lessons, within our Regulations and Conditions.

Instrumental Lessons

Please give the name of the school or Music Centre where your child's lessons take place.

Instrument Hire

Instrument hire will continue on monthly hire costs until we receive your instrument back to our instrument store at Herbert Shiner School in Petworth. Alternatively the hire can continue, however as the pupil is no longer learning the instrument through West Sussex Music, the hire charge will be monthly in future. Please see our Regulations and Conditions for further information.

If you choose to cancel and return your instrument, we will send you details of how to return your instrument along with your confirmation of cancellation. For information on monthly instrument hire, including prices, please visit , section 25.

Music Centre Activities

If you are cancelling a Music Centre ensemble(s), please select all that apply.

Please only enter the ensemble(s) that you wish to cease. All other activities will remain in place until we receive written cancellation.

If you want to cancel any other activities not listed above, please give details here.

Please Select the reason for your cancellation. Press CTRL to select multiple options. Please note, we may contact you to discuss your cancellation.