West Sussex Music invites you to play Musical Chairs

Our appeal to raise money to buy 100 chairs specially designed for orchestral use is nearly complete. We only need £2,000 to buy 10 more chairs.


  1. Music For All                                          15. The Lancaster Family                           29. The Kiely Family
  2. Peter and Karen Burgess                      16. The Lancaster Family                           30. trident.
  3. The College of Richard Collyer              17. The Rotary Club of Crawley.                31. Clare and Peter Bennet
  4. The Atter Family                                     18. Black Cat Music                                   32. Ernie & Margaret Lawrence
  5. The Thornton Family                              19. Edward Cooke Family Law                  33. In memory of Doug Harper 
  6. Sackville School, East Grinstead            20. Francesca, Crispa Charitable Trust.   34. Tiani Cellist
  7. Peter and Amanda Lunt                          21. Samantha, Crispa Charitable Trust    35. Horsham Symphony Orchestra
  8. Tim and Joan Baker                                22. Poppy, Crispa Charitable Trust.         36. Horsham Symphony Orchestra
  9. Bishop Luffa PFA, Chichester                 23.The Freeman Family                           37. Haywards Heath Lions Club
  10. The Underwood Family                           24. MHA Carpenter Box                           38. Friends of West Sussex Music 
  11. Equiniti                                                    25. MHA Carpenter Box
  12. The Annesley (CLW) Trust                      26.The Arts Society Horsham
  13. The Annesley (CLW) Trust                      27. The Rolls Family
  14. Osborne                                                  28.  Isaac Lambert and Family  


Thank you very much to everybody who has supported us so far with our appeal.  

If you, your friends, family, community group or company would like to purchase a chair please visit make a donation.