The Arts Society 

“The belief that the arts have the potential to enrich peoples’ lives is at the heart of everything we do” 

West Sussex Music is proud to be supported by three local groups from The Arts Society of which there are 385 and over 90,000 members across the UK.

  • The Arts Society Chichester
  • The Arts Society City of Chichester
  • The Arts Society Lavant Valley 

One of their focuses in the community is “Young Arts” supporting arts projects for children, young people and other groups in their community. West Sussex Music is lucky enough to be chosen by them to support for 2019.

These three groups will be the headline sponsor for our Chichester Music Centre summer concert which will be in the beautiful St Paul’s Church, Chichester.

Three schools in the locality will also be beneficiaries of their funding for whole class music making programmes which our talented teachers will deliver. 

To find out more about The Arts Society visit:

For the local groups visit:

The Arts Society Chichester

The Arts Society City of Chichester 

The Arts Society Lavant Valley