Supporting Your Child with their Music

We know that those students who gain regular support and encouragement with their practice at home make stronger progress, enjoy their music more and are more likely to continue than those who are left to their own devices.

Supporting your child with their music is about encouragement, taking an interest, and making time to help when they get stuck with their new piece or exercise.  Central to this is maintaining a strong and open dialogue with their teacher to ensure that you are able to meet the needs of an ever-changing situation.

Playing or singing is a great way to boost confidence and attending performances and celebrating success is the perfect way to reinforce all the hard work put in by all involved.  Make concerts really memorable by inviting family and friends and marking the occasion with photographs or a special meal together.

Try to understand what it is that motivates your child in their music making.  For some it is playing in a group, for some the thrill of performing or passing an exam, and others the quiet discipline of developing a sound or technique on their own.  Whatever it is that motivates your child, the team of teacher and parent will be better able to support if there is an understanding of why they are learning.

Ultimately, although a skilled discipline, at its core music should be a fun form of self-expression.  In supporting your child it is essential to maintain this ideal at every point in their musical journey.