West Dean CE Primary School


Music has always been a priority at West Dean, and we have made really good use of West Sussex Music and the expertise they provide. In particular, the children have benefited from some wonderful collaborative projects with other schools. Children’s vocal and music skills are developed by experts who plan in detail and make great links with other areas of the curriculum. I would recommend West Sussex Music to all schools.

Gill Moss, Head teacher, January 2016

The Meads Primary School


We have run Key2Music for ten years with West Sussex Music. Every child in year 4 learns the violin with the scheme as I believe that every child should have high quality instrumental teaching in their primary school years and this is how we ensure ALL children can access the best possible tuition.
The quality of the planning, provision and tuition which covers music curriculum requirements, singing and instrumental teaching is of the highest quality. I am amazed and thrilled every year as I watch the concerts and see children focused and enjoying music; achieving and experiencing at such a good standard. Staff from West Sussex Music are reliable and dedicated, always willing to share ideas and develop music with us. I cannot think of another initiative that we have bought into and stuck with for so long which is a testament to its success for us in our school.

Rhona Perry, Headteacher, January 2016

Southgate Primary School


1term2learn has offered opportunities for our children that they normally may not have. The children really enjoy the sessions and the team delivering the lessons are professional and enthusiastic. Some of our children who find class work a challenge have blossomed in music and we believe that it is a great avenue for boosting confidence and self-esteem.

Tom O’Donoghue, Headteacher, January 2016



We have used the music service for many years now for both my children, so a big thank you to all the staff of various instruments we have tried along the way for their support and encouragement over the years!

Naomi Towns, Parent of Nathan Lipton - September 2015



Firstly can I just say on behalf of Bethany how much she enjoyed the advanced performers course. A big thank you to you and your wonderful team. Bethany would not have volunteered for this a year ago but she really loved the experience and said how much she would like to go again, which has to be a result!!!! We were also blown away at the talent on show in the concert and really enjoyed the diversity of the performances, especially the Mozart played by the string ensemble.

Alison Clark, mother of Bethany Clark
July 2015



Dear All

Just to say thank you very much for all the effort and support to those involved with and supporting the choir’s participation at the National Music Festival. It was a great opportunity to perform at a unique venue and benefit from the experience of listening to other choirs.

As a parent, listening to the children sing is quite simply inspirational and a joy to behold. I was very proud of them all.

Thank you very much.

Luissa, mother of Isobel Porter
July 2015



Hi Rachel,

I really wanted to send you a message to say a personal thank you for all your help with Joe, Lily and Theo. They had a fabulous time with you for the three days and thanks to your work, Lily had the confidence to join in with a performance for a big family party we had at the weekend. I know for a fact she would not have done it if it wasn't for the time she had with you at the Rock school. This has now given us a special memory being able to perform as a family. (We did it once, one song, but she was petrified and only sang a little back up with Joe. This time she sang solo!!!) THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.
They would really love to join in with Rock School again in the future so please keep us updated.
Look forward to seeing you again sometime.
Kindest regards,
Liz x

Elizabeth Angioni, mother of Joe, Lily and Theo, 16 April 2015

Camelsdale Primary School


An inspiring music education, like that on offer through West Sussex Music, is an entitlement for every child. It can be extremely fun and increases the children’s listening, concentration, literacy and language skills. It supports mathematical thinking, physical co-ordination and promotes team work and leadership skills. Children’s confidence increases as they perform. It is a core part of primary education for ….” Music has a power of forming the character and should be introduced into the education of the young” (Aristotle)….still SO true today as we watch our West Sussex Music Violin Ensemble and choir take to the stage!!

Sarah Palmer, Head Teacher

Easebourne C.E. Primary School


The children and I are very much enjoying our current K2M programme with Emily Hall learning ukulele.
Over half of the children in the class now have their own ukuleles which is really good news as it means they can now use 'MusicWorld' as part of Charanga to play their instrument at home. I am also confident that these children will be keen to attend an after school club to continue playing ukulele when the K2M year ends which is great! It is likely that this will interest other year groups too so we may have a growing ukulele group at Easebourne thanks to West Sussex Music!

Katie Stevens, Music Coordinator

Swiss Gardens Primary School


Steve’s teaching and the K2M drumming he offers have had a very significant impact at Swiss Gardens.
I watched a lesson last week that was focused, engaging for the children and incredibly cross curricular – with links to Music (obviously), PSHE, Maths, Speaking and Listening, Science and Geography.
Steve engages not only the children who can‘t wait for their weekly lesson, but also the parents through workshops and concerts. The lesson Steve delivers is now extended by the teachers during the week.
Steve has also undertaken some work with the whole staff – I cannot recommend him or the programme highly enough.

Lawrence Caughlin, January 2015

St. Mary’s C.E. Primary School, Clymping


As you know, our Key Stage 2 pupils are currently learning to play the ukulele with Laura, and this is going well. Pupils are extremely enthusiastic – in fact a number asked for ukuleles for Christmas and now bring their own instruments in for the lessons.
The profile of music across the school continues to grow and comments from parents about performances at Christmas were very positive.

Janet Llewelyn, Head Teacher, January 2015

Vale First and Middle School


Here at Vale School, we have been part of the K2M programme for a number of years. All our Year 5 pupils learn the cornet for the year and each year we are amazed at the progress they make, both in playing the instrument and in their ability to read standard music notation. The children really enjoy their weekly lesson and parents love to see their progress at the concerts we hold each term. Each year, a number of children decide to continue to have lessons as they move into Year 6 which is testament to the success of the scheme. Along with the progress they make in music, it is clear that these sessions impact many other areas of the curriculum, along with improved concentration and organisational skills.

Martin Garratt, Head Teacher, January 2015

Sompting Village Primary School


Our pupils have truly benefited from the provision by West Sussex Music. The teaching has been of very high quality, with all pupils, of all abilities, making not just progress, but rapid progress, on the violin. The teachers communicate well with the school, via emails and when they are in the building, so that we are well informed, not just about the lessons, but about individual pupil needs, as well. Several of our pupils, who have received this tuition, applied for "scholarships" (offered at our local secondary school) and all who auditioned were awarded with this, due to the high standard of learning that had occurred through your provision.
Thank you! Your teachers provide a passion for music, which spills over into our pupils' interests and learning. I have no doubt that they are impacting not only upon music standards, but also a lifelong interest in music for our children and in providing aspiration for the future.
We'll definitely keep buying into the service, for as long as it remains available!
Both Sarah Bridgland and Sally Sanderson have been super - in so many ways!

Sarah Erratt-Rose, Deputy Head Teacher, January 2015

Littlehaven Infant School


The lessons have been adapted to suit our learning journey, Around the World in 80 Days, which the children have found interesting and fun. Each lesson has moved at pace but with the children understanding and making progress quickly.
I have been surprised at the rate at which the children have picked up new knowledge and skills, and positive comments about the children's playing have come from other members of staff around the school.
Our term's work culminated in a performance of their lesson to parents which was very well received.

Paul Shrubb, Class Teacher, January 2015

Littlehaven Infant School


The programme has been so good that I think we will consider it for a whole year again starting in September.
1Term2Learn has been worth every penny. Jan is a fabulous teacher – so enthusiastic and organised. She has covered some of the KS1 music curriculum as well as the instrumental teaching. The teaching has been carefully adapted to our Year 2 pupils. It has been so successful that we have continued the programme for another term and been able to offer group teaching.

Sylvia White, Head Teacher, January 2015



Most of my time with James was spent in a music lesson (drums) with Mr Scully, which by happy chance turned out to be 1:1 tuition. Having the opportunity to see James engaged in a new skill that I'd not seen before was delightful. The enthusiasm, encouragement and patience of Mr Scully were clearly having a very positive effect on James and I was amazed at the music being produced by the end of the session. With Mr Scully accompanying on guitar and piano it felt like I was viewing a 'jam' session. As a music lover, but unfortunately a person unable to 'hold a tune in a bucket' I was very proud! Please pass on my thanks to Mr Scully.

Daren Hother, father of James, 19 January 2015



Hello Alexandra
May I take this opportunity to thank both you and West Sussex Music Service for your professionalism and assistance.
Best regards,

Elizabeth McLeish, mother of Hannah, 15 January, 2015



I was wondering if you could let Mrs Tate know and express our thanks to her for all the years she has patiently worked with Ewan.
Thanks again for all your support with Ewan over his musical endeavors.
With best wishes, also for Christmas and the New Year,

Mary-Anne Grant-Richardson, mother of Ewan, 4 January 2015



Congratulations on a successful concert on Saturday, which we really enjoyed.
My daughter (plays flute in the wind orchestra) really got a lot out of the week it pushed her, and she learnt some new techniques.
The programme clearly played to the strengths of the orchestra.
Collyers seems like a good venue.
It brought back memories of when I played for WSYO at the Assembly Hall in the 70’s
Kind regards - and here’s to a successful musical new year…

Dr Neil Aiton, father of Emilia, 4 January 2015



Please thank all the music staff for the wonderful concert on Saturday evening. It was lovely to see the talent, energy and enthusiasm of all the young people and their inspirational teachers.
Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and all the best for 2015

Mary Wheatley, mother of Anna, 16 December 2014



Thank you for your email. Both of my children have always enjoyed the service offered by yourselves, whether at school or during the fantastic Saturday morning sessions at Worthing. I'm sure we'll be back in the future!
Many thanks

Elaine Woodhead, mother of Ruari, 29 November 2014



Thank you so much for all the support and help you have given her.
Many thanks

Coralie Jays, mother of Elise, 27 November 2014



Thank you for this. The band (Horsham Youth Concert) played brilliantly as usual, and we could not fail to feel Christmassy after this event - so thank you very much and well done everyone!

Gill Welch, mother of Daniel, 29 November 2014



Dear Emily, I just wanted to congratulate you and your fellow musicians on a wonderful concert at Chichester Cathedral last night. The programme was poignant and celebratory - a really lovely mix of music to commemorate the council's anniversary. Congratulations also on your own compositions. Wow! I welled up during 'Remember' (might just have needed a hankie...) and cheered after the final performance of 'People at the Heart'. It was just brilliant! We were singing the Song for Sussex in the car on the way home, and have carried on this morning. I hope all Sussex schools will perform this for many years to come. Many thanks again for a memorable evening.

Julie West, mother of Isobel and Jessica, 21 November 2014



Hi Emily, congratulations on a fabulous performance last night of all your beautiful music! And, you conduct like a dancer. No wonder they all respond so well. Many thanks for all you do.

Hazel Child, mother of Felix and Tristan, 21 November 2014



I would like to say a big thank-you to you & to your fellow West Sussex Musicers for providing such valuable, rewarding & quality support, music, fun, camaraderie etc., in such straightened times. I am and will continue to be a big fan of what you all do and will continue to sing your praises. All the very best for the Xmas concerts and for the future

Marten Matthews, father of James, 20 November 2014

Bosham Primary School


Dear Emily
Thanks for your lovely email. Wow what an amazing concert! It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to be part of it and I was so proud to be there with children from Bosham School. From the very beginning to the end the children have been on such a wonderful learning journey and what a way to finish! The feedback I had from parents on Saturday was so positive - they were all quite moved by the whole thing and extremely impressed by the standard of the singing. The children are today performing their song again as part of our Remembrance Day service - and so it goes on!
Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful opportunity - I hope our paths cross again!
Enjoy a well-deserved post Singing Museum rest!
Very best wishes

Susan Creber, Music Coordinator



Excellent teaching from Mr McConville but a combination of needing to focus on one instrument (he also plays the electric guitar), waning interest in the cornet, and that he misses important lessons on a Monday in his GCSE year.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank West Sussex Music for all the encouragement, support and great teaching Jacob has had since Year 6 both in school lessons and at the Crawley Saturday sessions and wish you all the best for the future.

Karen Lindsay, mother of Jacob, 27 October 2014



She has really enjoyed her lessons, so please thank her teacher on our behalf.

Sarah Clayton, mother of Allanah and Jude, 21 October 2014

South Downs Folk Singers


Community Choirs, Testimonials:
As a founder member of the South Downs Folk Singers we were appearing at the Arundel Festival last year and were very impressed by Bellacapella's performance, so some of us turned up on a Monday at Westergate to try them out and subsequently join. Both groups of singers are very lucky to have respectively their two Emily's to lead them. Emily Barden for Bellacapella and Emily Longhurst for SDFS. The opportunity to experience and be involved with a completely different type of singing just adds to the joy of the experience.

John Crance, founder member, 21 October 2014



We are very grateful for all the music service do for the family.

Caroline Crook, mother of Billy and Jolyon, 20 October 2014

Bolnore Village Primary School


I just wanted to write and say how pleased we are with Steve Morley at Bolnore.
The children and staff are really inspired by his teaching and already we are seeing a huge difference in music in school.
We would very much like to work with him on further school and locality projects going forwards. One of the areas we are looking at is parental engagement and family workshops, particularly for children with SEND. I would also like him to lead a gifted and talented workshop.
Thank you so much for sending him our way. He is certainly Bolnore!

Sharon Allen, Headteacher



By the way – Georgia is totally inspired by her guitar lessons – thanks so much.

Casey Green, mother of Georgia, 9 October 2014



Thank you ever so much to your whole team for providing such a wonderful music service to our County. As a musician myself I am extremely appreciative of the opportunities that County Music provides.

Jacqui Greaney, mother of Emma, 1 October 2014



We wanted to say how utterly enthralled we were with the wonderful experiences you and West Sussex Music have offered our daughter Zosia over the years. She described the recent trip to Barcelona as the most exciting trip she has ever been on!! The orchestra were very lucky to have such a fine conductor; the opportunities these young people had can only be described as utopian. We wish you every success in the future

Liz and Jon Reeves, parents of Zosia, 9 September 2014



I also want to say what a fantastic teacher Mr Knowles has been. Felix has thoroughly enjoyed his lessons with him and has made great progress. I also have appreciated his termly feedback and the support he gave Felix during his music GCSE.

Brigitte Stuart, mother of Felix, 18 September 2014



Thank you for your email and for cancelling her membership of all orchestras. Many thanks, too for all of the hard work that goes in to organising the Music service. Both Jessica & Oliver have gained so much by being orchestra members, both area & county, & all the opportunities that it has provided.

Jo Kyndt, mother of Jessica and Oliver, 17 September 2014

St. Andrews C.E. High School for Boys


Feedback from the boys and teachers this morning was fabulous, thank you very much again!!

Elizabeth Newington, head of music, 9 September 2014



I hope you have had a good holiday and have recovered from all your hard work on the tour. I must tell you that Sam had a fantastic time and made lots of new friends. He enjoyed every moment and told us all about the concerts and venues in great detail. We really appreciate the hard work you must have put into organising the trip to make it such a success! Many thanks, Sam is looking forward to the next rehearsals and we will be looking forward to the concerts!

Sally Johnson, mother of Sam, 27 August 2014



Dear Mr Underwood, I would like to express my respect and gratitude to the music service and in particular to my daughter's singing and clarinet teachers. Bridie achieved a distinction in both grade 7 singing and clarinet, and we believe that Ms Wilkinson and Mr Monnery played a substantial part in her progress. Ms Wilkinson challenged Bridie, beyond her comfort zone, giving her the confidence and skills to apply for a music degree, with voice as her chosen instrument. Mr Monnery's teaching focussed on inspiring Bridie, which was exactly what she needed to motivate her to continue. He seemed to know that for her second instrument; too much pressure would have been detrimental. This encouraged her to achieve such a high level of skill but more importantly, helped her find a love for her instrument. With thanks and kind regards,

Claudia Strachan, mother of Bridie, 20 August 2014



Ethan has been the best ever teacher and Ruby has thoroughly enjoyed the orchestras so is quite sad to leave.

Elizabeth Hiles, mother of Ruby, 13 August 2014



Caroline will no longer be at school/college come September 2014 and sadly her music tuition will no longer be required.
I would like to pass on my thanks to West Sussex Music for the excellent tuition both Caroline and previously her sister received.

Jenny Thomas, mother of Caroline, 30 July 2014



I would like to take the opportunity of thanking the music service for all their help over the past few years. All of the teachers have been truly wonderful in inspiring Molly to be the best she can be. She is real proof of your new tag line ' changing lives through music'!!

Heather Sellors, mother or Ruby, 24 July 2014



I just wanted to say that I was very impressed with the Music Summer School Day for Elementary Woodwind. Anya plays the flute and went along with a few of her flute friends and had an amazing day. I was impressed with how much they had learnt in the day and loved the presentation at the end. I had no idea West Sussex Music was a charity and had always assumed it was part of a council service (should have known better really). It really is a wonderful organization and we are lucky to have come across this for both my daughters to learn instruments. Thanks again and we look forward to next year.

Karen Bidmead, mother of Anya, 24 July 2014



We are delighted with Alex's report. Alex has thoroughly enjoyed the four years he has spent as Mrs Sanderson's student and we have watched his progress with an excellent teacher. She has built his confidence and skill with expertise. As a parent I have valued her hard work and the professionalism with which she deals with us too. Alex will really miss her as he moves onto High School and so will we

Mrs Baker, mother of Alex, 23 July 2014



We went to watch last night and I'd just like to say a very big thank you.
It was such a pleasure watching both guitar groups they were brilliant.
We loved it.
Have a great summer and see you in the Autumn.

Iolanda & Andrew Clegg, parents of Abigail and Oliver, July 2014



Thank you for Phoebe's end of year report. I appreciate the work you have put in with her. She loves her lessons.
I liked the format of the report- that it is written in terms of effort and progress, in addition to the teacher comment.
I am delighted that she has made such good progress. She loves the violin.
Thank you.

Nicola Smallwood, mother of Phoebe, 20 July 2014



Please can I take this opportunity to thank you for giving my daughter a wonderful day at Windlesham for the woodwind day. She had a thoroughly good time and it really helped her confidence. The leaders were really motivational and encouraging and she loved meeting children from other schools.

Elise Abbott, mother of Lucy, 18 July 104



Is there any chance I could have Rachel Hawker's email address as I would very much like to thank her personally for inspiring Liliana on the guitar, she has made excellent progress and will continue with lessons in Yorkshire. She also had Ms Ryder teach her who Liliana also loved working with. I like to thank the Music Service as a whole as you provide such fantastic opportunities to children in West Sussex, long may our good work continue.

Quentin Whitaker, father of Liliana, 13 July 2014



I would like to thank you for giving her the opportunity to play music for the last ten years.

Graham Farley, father of Helen, 11 July 2014

Birchwood Grove


Just a very quick email to say thank you very much for leading our KS2 music morning this morning. Everyone said they really enjoyed the morning and certainly my children said they enjoyed singing with the other schools.
A great sound was produced by all and our office staff and head said the sound travelling up the corridor was lovely.
Thank you again

Rosemary Turner, teacher at Birchwood Grove



Amy-Jo has achieved her grade 8 distinction (attached) and we are very grateful to all the support offered to us from West Sussex Music.
Please pass on our thanks to everyone at County Youth Orchestra and:-
Anne Romer, Melody Pryce, Sarah Bridgland, Ethan Merrick and Helen Emery
Amy-Jo has enjoyed playing with all the groups and had some fantastic experiences. She is looking forward to Barcelona in July and will miss all the friends she has made within the groups.
Once again, many thanks

Nina Gilbert, mother of Amy-Jo, 10 July 2014

The Meads Primary School


The children and I just wanted to send you a little message to say a massive congratulations for the success that last night was.
We would also love to say a big thank you for the fabulous opportunity that this gave the children and the community of East Grinstead.
I think I can honestly say that it has been one of the most memorable events of my teaching career - the journey that the children have taken from their first hearing of the songs, to the performance on the stage has been has been vast!
We were so proud of the children - their behaviour, enthusiasm and commitment to the performance, all of which made it such a significant event.
So a big thank you, to everyone involved in this event and we look forward to helping and contributing to making next year an even bigger and better EGGFEST!

Tori McAlpine, Music Coordinator at The Meads, 10 July 2014



Just wanted to drop you a line to say a proper thank you, not just a wonderful final concert but also for the great experience and enjoyment Hugh has had in his ten years with the various bands.
Last Sunday was the perfect finale and both Sam (Mr T) and I agreed that it showed a welcome return to the time when Hugh first started and everyone really seemed to be having fun and enjoying themselves whilst at the same time playing fantastic music. We've come full circle in the ten years and the last couple have been getting better and better - don't think it can get much better than what we enjoyed on Sunday.
Hugh was inspired to play an instrument by coming to watch his eldest sister play trumpet in her first band back in 2001 or 2 when he was 6/7 and he was blown away (sorry no pun intended!) by the big band - he loved it all, even though he could barely stay awake by the end of the evening. It was in the days when all the wind bands played in one concert at The Hawth so the new young players saw what they could aspire to. Over the next few years I also loved seeing all the names in the programme and working out whose sister or brother of one of my children's friends was now playing - names I recognised from earlier playgroup or primary school days - it was lovely to see this being done again in the programme on Sunday. And yes, I have kept all the programmes over the years!
Somewhere in the intervening years with admin changes and funding issues we felt the service lost something and we did notice that band numbers in some of the bands seemed to shrink a bit and everything seemed to get a bit serious...and formal and not quite such fun. Anyway it's been great to see the change again in the last couple of years - I think you and your team are doing a great job and Hugh has been lucky to be part of that - he's also had a wonderful teacher in Paul and we will always be grateful to him for how he has helped Hugh and given him a lifelong hobby and enjoyment of music.
One other interesting thing was how much Hugh (and I'm sure the other leavers) appreciated being given the lovely shield to mark their involvement with the bands over the years - when Rebecca finished, the leavers barely got a mention at the final concert and whilst it didn't really matter in the grand scheme of life I remember she and her friends were a bit disappointed that nothing was said after so many years.
And last Sunday was a great one to end with - It was a lovely atmosphere, great music and a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon - thank you so very much to everyone involved.

Clare & Sam Turnbell, parents of Hugh, 9 July 2014

Sackville School

Expand upon what you are already doing so well in supporting our school to work with other schools. Your support is incredible, your expertise is amazing and your enthusiasm for working with us is brilliant

Noah Nicolson, Head of Music at Sackville School, 9 July 2014



I just wanted to send a quick email to say a big thank you for running such a fantastic music workshop, in Tianna's words "I didn't just like it I loved it, and when can I go again?"

Lou Baker, mother of Tianna, 9 July 2014



Thank you for taking on board all my comments and for researching the lesson situation. I feel reassured to hear and be reminded of all the help and support Johann has received from Miss Bridgland. Please can you let her know that it is very much appreciated.

Elizabeth Mienert, mother of Johann, 8 July 2014



Hi could I just confirm that Jon will be going on to university this September so will no longer be part of the music service. Thank you so much for all the years he has been involved and I know he will miss it very much!

Hilary Davis, mother of Jon, 6 July 2014



George Robinson will not be continuing as a county music award holder as he is 18 and leaving full time education. He has got a place to study for a music degree, classical guitar at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff, starting in September, for the next four years. We are most grateful to the Music Service for recognising his potential, without whose assistance, it would have been more difficult for him to achieve his ambition.

Bernard Robinson, father of George, 4 July 2014



Please note that Hannah will be at university in September and so will be unable to attend the Worthing music classes from then. Thank you for all the enjoyment she has had and for all she has learned.

David Burns, father of Hannah, 3 July 2014



We wish to thank all at West Sussex Music (and in particular Miss Will) for the excellent tuition and opportunities that you have provided since Evie was at Ashington Primary. We are convinced that music helps children in the learning process for all subjects.

Richard and Janet Taylor, parents of Evie, 3 July 2014



Thank you for invoicing us for next year but unfortunately it is no longer appropriate as Nicola will be at University from September!
I trust this is okay and apologise if this information has not been relayed to you.
She has been attending the Music Service for 9 years and thoroughly enjoyed it and now on to pastures new!

Susan Brown, mother of Nicola, 3 July 2014



On my own behalf - as well as Hannah's - I would like to thank you for being a brilliant teacher, Sally Sanderson, who has fostered Hannah's interest and enthusiasm for music. Both my daughters have plenty of this and much of that is down to you. I am exceedingly grateful for all your help and advice to them over the years and for your upbeat, fun and dynamic approach to teaching music.

Jenny Teakle. Mother of Hannah, 2 July 2014

Our Lady Queen of Heaven


What a really fabulous evening. I can't tell you how much the children [and staff !] from Our Lady's enjoyed it. They were buzzing afterwards. We had the most wonderful comments from parents, visitors and staff about the whole evening.
Thanks again and well done to all.

Rosemary Robinson, July 2014



On my own behalf - as well as Hannah's - I would like to thank you for being a brilliant teacher who has fostered Hannah's interest and enthusiasm for music. Both my daughters have plenty of this and much of that is down to you. I am exceedingly grateful for all your help and advice to them over the years and for your upbeat, fun and dynamic approach to teaching music.

Jennie Teakle, mother of Hannah, July 2014

St. Mary’s, Pulborough


Just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing evening.My parent have already emailed me about how much they enjoyed it. The children sang beautifully and we will be back next year! Thank you for all your hard work and for working with us.Have a great weekend

Alison Heath, June 2014

St. Giles CE Primary School


Just a belated HUGE thank you for the great time my choir and I had last week at the Zimbe event. All your hard work and effort paid off to make it just a glorious evening of fun and singing together. I know my children are still talking about it. Thank you so much

Cathy Symonds, June 2014

Holy Trinity, Cuckfield


Well done today - it was brilliant, to quote one of my kids; "I didn't enjoy it, I LOVED it....can we do it again!?" they had a great time - thank you on their behalf

Brian Dallimore, June 2014

Oathall Secondary School


Thank you for a wonderful afternoon on Wednesday; what an experience for our students to be a part of the massed choirs, in such a beautiful, outdoor and luckily, sunny environment - it felt quite African to me! My congratulations for managing such a memorable event so beautifully. Emily, thanks especially for the workshops with our students, they got a lot from them, very inspirational.

Carol McTaggart, June 2014

Millais School


Just wanted to say thank you for all of your organisation and conducting yesterday and the past weeks/months! The girls had a brilliant time, and the feedback from parents was excellent. I look forward to doing more events like this in the future!

Lauren Overton, June 2014



Zimbe was amazing, thank you! Such a wonderful evening in beautiful surroundings. Congratulations to all involved!

Julie West, parent of CYC member, June 2014

Birchwood Grove


Just a quick email to say well done for doing such a good job conducting Zimbe today and for making it such an enjoyable experience for the children. You must be shattered and I hope you were able to go home to a glass or two to celebrate. Thank you also for conducting our KS2 music morning on Monday, my children certainly enjoyed themselves and we look forward to working with you again at some time.

Rosemary Turner

Milton Mount


I just wanted to say a huge thanks to you for the brilliant work you did with the singing on Tuesday. My Milton Mount kids were totally buzzing after it and were still talking about it in our choir session yesterday - several of them said it was the best thing they've ever done in their whole entire lives(!!) I've also been accosted by several parents who are keen for me to pass on their thanks to you for what they felt was one of the best concerts they'd ever witnessed. So lots of superlatives all round! Well done again, and thanks so much as always, for all the inspiration :) We're so lucky to be able to work with you!

June 2014

Our Lady Queen of Heaven School


WOW !!!
What a really fabulous evening.
I can't tell you how much the children [and staff !] from Our Lady's enjoyed it. They were buzzing afterwards.
We had the most wonderful comments from parents, visitors and staff about the whole evening.
My children had a bit of a wobble down in the dressing room just before hand as most of them had never been on stage before but I think they did brilliantly. [housepoints, certificates and ice lollies all round tomorrow !]
Thanks again and well done to all.

Rosemary, teacher, June 2014



Just to let you know that Emily Durrant finishes school in West Sussex this term and is staring University in September. Thank you for all the support from the West Sussex Music teachers over the years. She is planning to study Choral and Vocal Studies at Winchester University so will continue her music going forward.

Graham and Joy Durrant, parents of Emily, June 2014

Annual Summer Fete


On behalf of the Friends of Ingfield I am writing to thank you and the Horsham Youth Concert Band for yet again providing such excellent entertainment at the annual summer fete. Hopefully you may have seen the full page article in the West Sussex County Times (including picture of the sax section in action plus suitable write-up); you helped us to raise around £13,500 this year! We really did appreciate having the band as part of the fete again this year and helping to raise such a magnificent sum of money, all of which will be used to provide ‘extras’ for the children in the Main School and the Dame Vera Lynn Trust School for Parents, as and when required.

Our fete-goers always look forward to the performances and you won’t be surprised to hear that we received many favourable comments again this year. So please pass on the sincere thanks of the committee to all of the band members.

At the risk of being presumptuous, we have already fixed the date of next year’s fete which will as usual be on the second Sunday in June – June 14th 2015! Many thanks again.

Don Newport, Friends of Ingfield



Just to confirm for your records that my son Jonathan Davis who studies the violin under Wendy Cooper (and gained a great grade 8 a few months ago) will be off to university in September so will have his final 'bash' with West Sussex Music this summer when he goes to Barcelona - utterly brilliant!

Thank you so much we will miss all those wonderful children playing at such a stunning standard. Jon has really loved his time and made some great friends as well.

Hilary Davis, mother of Jonathan, June 2014



Mrs Norden has been a wonderful teacher who supports and accommodates Rama's needs. She communicates with us very well and always encourages Rama to develop and progress well. Rama has won a few cups in the Music Festival in the past.
Rama has auditioned at the Junior Department at The Royal Academy of Music and has successfully been offered a place.
We would like to thank Mr Smith and West Sussex Music for offering such fantastic music teachers and wonderful ensembles.

Mr and Mrs N Suphadet, parent of Krishrama, June 2014



Govinda has been learning the clarinet since Year 3 with West Sussex Music Service and has continued to have his clarinet lessons with Mr Rodney Smith after entering his secondary school, Warden Park.

Mr Smith has been helping Govinda to develop and improve his style and techniques. He also encourages Govinda to take part in the music festival and has won two Senior Woodwind cups in the past. His grade 8 exam result has secured him a Music Scholarship at his desired college.
Govinda took his Clarinet Diploma exam in April 2014 and successfully gained his Diploma Certificate. He is the first student to gain a diploma at Warden Park in all the time Mr Smith, his music teacher, has been at Warden Park since 1986.
We would like to thank Mr Smith and West Sussex Music for offering such fantastic music teachers and wonderful ensembles.

Mr & Mrs Suphadet, parents of Govinda, June 2014

Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee School


I would like to say how much our pupils and staff enjoyed the music concert you gave at the end of term.
Everyone said they wished it could have been longer and please can you come back again sometime.
Many thanks for your enthusiasm and for making music become alive for our pupils.

Linda Crump, Senior Teacher, QEII School, May 2014



Thanks for about ten years of bands, they've been a great thing to belong to!

Clare Turnbull, mother of Hugh, May 2014



As Albert's parents we have been hugely impressed with the opportunities the WSCYO has given to him and your personal expert care and oversight through the years. We are so grateful that Kitty is Albert's teacher, as her enthusiasm for both the violin and viola has greatly influenced Albert which has been a delight to see - especially for his Uncle, Sir Roger Sims, who passed on his viola to Albert, having played it many years ago for the Bromley Youth Orchestra. You may recall that Roger accompanied me to the Royal Festival Hall for the recent concert to witness it being played again.

Thank you so very much David for the many positive experiences both for Albert in performing and for his family as part of the audience at all the concerts over the years.
With best wishes and
Kind regards
Ruth, mother of Albert, April 2014



What a wonderful concert on Saturday night. It really was a fantastic evening, thank you.

Juliet West, mother of CYC member, March 2014



I just wanted to say that Elodie seems to be getting a lot out of her lessons - she is feeling confident and happy about the flute and this is not always the case in other subjects so I am really pleased!

Laura Donjon, mother of Elodie, March 2014



Emma is coming along brilliantly with the Tenor Horn, she is really enjoying playing the instrument. her music teacher is doing a fabulous job.

Natalie Butcher, mother or Emma, March 2014

Commercial Property and Storage Ltd

We thoroughly enjoyed the music concert on Saturday evening at Worthing Assembly Hall, well done.

Thank you.

Best regards Martin, Director

Swiss Gardens Primary School


Just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with Steve Morley - the drum man - who has been coming to our school since September. We like the way that he works with the children and think that they are not only enjoying the sessions but getting lots of learning from them.

Angela Neal, Teacher, February 2015



I'd like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to you and all the members of the team who support the Orchestras in Mid Sussex in making it great fun and a rewarding experience

Charles Wind, parent, February 2014



I would like to say that he (Thomas Worth) has received great support and encouragement form Jenny Smith and has enjoyed his time spent learning with her

Clare Worth, Mother of Thomas, February 2014



Please can you pass on my thanks and congratulations to all involved for a wonderful concert last Monday at the Royal Festival Hall.

I was so grateful to be able to see the orchestra play so beautifully and with such confidence. It was a very special experience and being able to watch Calum play alongside such prestigious company has left me with a very special memory.

Thank you again

Philippa Hennings, mother of Calum, February 2014



I would like to thank you and the London Philharmonic Orchestra for such a memorable and inspiring weekend in London.

I enjoyed playing ‘Danse Macabre’ with the LPO who I found welcoming and supportive. I appreciate how the violinist I was paired with, explained some of the technicalities which has improved my playing.

Playing at the event gave me encouragement with my violin and enabled me to broaden my horizons of music. This inspirational event will have encouraged all participants in our orchestra to reach their full music potential and achieve their ambitions.

I really enjoyed my time with the LPO and would greatly appreciate and look forward to another session or concert in the near future if that were ever possible.

Please also pass on my thanks to all those involved in arranging such a memorable event.

Ben Norris-Warton, West Sussex County Youth Orchestra member, February 2014



All four of our children began their music experiences through the Music Service and we are very glad to live in a county with so many good quality musical opportunities. The recent events we have attended have confirmed for me that the service is in very good hands. We appreciate the adjustments you have been willing to make to allow Katharine and Imogen, and previously Rhiannon, to play with the orchestra

Susan Smith, mother of Katherine, Imogen & Rhiannon, February 2014



I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Gala Launch Concert at Worthing. The ensembles and choirs sounded good together and meant that each group had more time to play.

Ruby is not confident enough to put into words her experience of playing with the London Philharmonic Orchestra but she had a fantastic time and will never forget it. Thank you very much for enabling this to happen.

Liz Hiles, mother of Ruby, February 2014



A rather belated response to thank you all for the opportunity to be present and support our musicians at the concert on Monday.

We were so proud not only of their music-making but also of their professionalism on the stage.

Well done to you all, what a fantastic experience for everyone.

With our best wishes for your continued success in the future,

James & Su Cork, parents of Alice, January 2014



Good afternoon
This is just a short note to say thank you for yesterday. Stephanie and I enjoyed the occasion so much and found it such a moving experience. I know Natalie feels the same way, and for her it was the experience of a lifetime. You organised the trip like clockwork for the children, and their performances, in particular yesterday at the Festival Hall were marvellous.

The icing on the cake for us was to have incredible seats in the box directly above the stage.

Thank you so very much and please copy our email to all those people involved in organising what was an outstanding day,

Best Wishes

Matthew & Stephanie Inker, parents of Natalie, January 2014

London Philharmonic Orchestra


A huge thank you to you and your staff for being so amendable and patient throughout not only this whole process, but particularly for yesterday and Sunday. These concerts often involve a lot of extra performers, so it’s always a bit of a squeeze and often tight for time! But I have to say I've never worked with a group of young performers who've been so professional, patient, and also great fun. And the standard of their musicianship was fantastic. You've got a great group there! I really hope they've gained a lot from the experience and that they’ll keep playing and listening, and I hope we might be able to work with you again in the future.

Many Thanks

Alex Clarke, Education and Community Project Manager, January 2014



I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how much my daughter, Helena, has enjoyed the musical experiences of the past few days. She found playing with the LPO both challenging and exciting and, all in all very inspiring. The concert on Saturday was also hugely enjoyable, with the specially-commissioned work for orchestra and choirs beautiful and moving.

Thank you so much for all your hard work and for inspiring these young players in the way you clearly do.

Best wishes,

Jane Booth, mother of Helena, January 2014



A slightly belated thank you for a wonderful performance on Saturday night – it was a privilege to be there. All the groups presentations were great – a wonderful and diverse mix.

Luissa Smith, mother of Isobel, January 2014

Arun District Council


Jacqui & I enjoyed every minute of it & the diversity of music performed was admirable. Now here is some news to cheer you & your colleagues up on a driech & miserable day. Sorry driech is a most descriptive Scottish expression for damp & dreary. I have chosen West Sussex Music as my Charity during my year as Chairman of Arun District Council starting at the end of May 2014 & ending end of May 2015. I had been so undecided as to which local Charity to choose until Saturday last when I turned to Jacqui after the first session & said to her "these youngsters are like a breath of fresh air - I am choosing this as my Charity."

Cllr Dougal Maconachie, Deputy Chairman

Hazelwick School

I just wanted to say a huge well done for Saturday, it must have been such a long day with both concerts happening. You deserve a well-earned rest now, particularly after helping out with our concert on Thursday too.

Can I just say how wonderful I think West Sussex Music Service is. It was great to see all those students being involved in something truly worthwhile and beneficial. They will never forget it, or you.

Best Wishes
Claudette, December 2013



As both my children (Jacob and India) will no longer be attached to the Music Service I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the wonderful times, opportunities and experiences they have had over the last 10 years or so. Both of them have grown enormously to both the Chichester Music Centre and Country groups has contributed to that.

I cannot recommend your service highly enough.

Thank you once again,

Mrs P Humphreys, mother of Jacob & India, December 2013



The instrument hire service has been wonderful - thank you. Whilst Alex has been growing it has been so easy to change the size of his violin as required. Everyone I have ever spoken to or e-mailed with queries has been very helpful.
Fantastic - thank you.

Joan Baker, mother of Alexander, November 2013

Friends of West Sussex Young Musicians

We have attended several concerts in which our granddaughters have taken part and enjoyed them immensely. However, last Saturdays concert at Capital Theatre was outstanding by the orchestra and a real privilege to be in the theatre witnessing such wonderful playing. Absolutely amazing performance and we loved the Arnold Symphony – a difficult and demanding choir.

Thank you for the pleasure the student and conductor have given to us and the audience.

Kindest regards

Mr & Mrs Beney, donators, September 2013

Mayor of Crawley

Thank you once again for the invitation to a Music Service Centre. They just keep getting better and better but this one, on the 16th March at K2, must rate as one of the best yet.

It started with an incredible performance of the 1812 Overture by the County Youth Orchestra which left us breathless. The followed, act after act, more amazing musical performances by successive bands and groups with a variety of style and genre demonstrating the wealth of talent and skill that abounds in the young people of Crawley and West Sussex. Needless to say that we both enjoyed it all.

Thanks once again for a tremendous evening.

Kind regards

CLLR Keith Blake, Mayor of Crawley, March 2013



I’d like to thank you enormously for such a splendid evening last night, and in particular for marvellous premier of the large-scale version of the songs!

It was so rewarding to hear that the children enjoyed performing the songs, and one of the most pleasing comments last night after the concert was from one of the boys in the choir who came up to me and said how much he’d enjoyed singing the songs.

And lastly, but most importantly, I’d very much like you to let the orchestral players and singers know that I was delighted by their performance last night – it was a truly special rendition of a stunning high performance standard. Each song was performed with a terrific energy and focus, and I’d like to thank each and every member of the choir and orchestra for making their vitally important contribution to making the performance such a success. A very hearty well done to everyone involved and I hope it is not long before we are able to collaborate again!

Chris Hussey, Composer and Orchestrator

St Andrews C.E. Primary School, Crawley


I just had to write to say a massive thank you for all you did to put together the event at Ardingly on Friday.

I think I can honestly say that it has been one of the most memorable events of my teaching career - the journey that the children have taken from their first hearing of the songs, to the performance on Friday has been vast! To see children usually more focussed on football or home time, shudder and gasp at the end of 'Old Abram Brown' sums up for me the value of taking children to events like this.

Their class teacher was bowled over by it too - she has come in this morning and told me she went on I-tunes and downloaded all the songs for Friday afternoons onto her Ipod, and that she had never heard anything like that either.

I was so proud of the children - their behaviour, enthusiasm and commitment to the performance, all of which make it such a significant event when put in the context of the songs they had to learn and the setting in which they were singing.

So a big thank you, to everyone involved in this event

Carrie Maynard, Music Co-ordinator

All Saints Primary School


Thank you so very much for producing a fabulous song for us at All Saints.
It is just us all packaged up into a beautiful song which the children are already singing around the school! I shared the song with the governing body last night and they were really impressed.

Susan Costa, Headteacher

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Bognor Regis


Over the last ten years, the Big Sing has established itself as a highlight which is looked forward to from one year to the next. It is an occasion where every school takes part and some 350 children gather in song.

In a climate where the arts and music can be side-lined, the Big Sing proclaims that our schools want a rich opportunity for children to enjoy music and excel as musicians.

Through these years, we have valued the support of the music service in helping to ensure the events are a success, for example by preparing adult staff to sing and planning the song that we all learn.

The Felpham and Bognor locality are looking forward to the next 10 years of the Big Sing!

Virtual School


Emily! How lovely the music was, thanks so much sounds great! Thanks so much for your input!

Jill Dyson, Headteacher

Arundel CE Primary School


I just wanted to give you some feedback in writing after talking to you on the phone last week about the impact of Emily at ACE.
Emily has been an inspiration and she has really ensured that music has a high performance at ACE (which I believe it should have!). She has a delightful manner and has made teachers who previously stated not really liking music to loving it and taking a positive stand to use music to develop other areas of the curriculum. I have heard music being used much more!

I would like to thank you and your organisation for helping us with this.

Thank you for ensuring that music should still play a major part in our school

Best Wishes,
Andrew Simpson, Headteacher

Steyning Grammar School

Just want to say a big congratulations to you Jon and all the wonderful musicians who now come into the school to work with the students. Last night’s concert was a superb celebration of the diversity and depth of music making that is going on in the school. Great to see a number of students performing 'original numbers' and very few using backing tracks.

The fiddle folk group were brilliant - your romp through the Brandanburg was joyful, the vocal group sang in a beautifully controlled and expressive way. Wonderful to have the transition choir in action - so many contrasting and enjoyable performances.

As you said at the start of the concert - the school is investing money on bringing in expert practitioners - there were some wonderful products of that on show last night.

So very well done to you, your colleagues and students - a good event, well run.

Steyning Grammar School


I can't thank you enough for all the new and growing ensembles that you are all leading this year. I thought the performances everyone gave last night were wonderful and are all the better for having all your collective expertise within the department. Putting anything on in the first half of term is difficult and I'm so grateful that you all rose to the challenge. Wishing you all a well-deserved half term break.

Jon Reeves, Head of Music

West Dean CofE Primary School

Children who would not otherwise ‘shine’ in school are allowed the opportunity to flourish and inspire their peers.

West Dean CofE Primary School

Our staff have benefited by having someone to talk ideas through with and are finding ways of enriching other areas of the curriculum.

Sidlesham Primary

Brilliant ideas that can be adapted to different subjects and topics. Thoroughly enjoyed active participation and having fun!

Sackville School

Over the past three years we have worked with West Sussex Music and Emily Barden with the delivery of singing at Sackville School. It has had a massive impact on a variety of levels.

Those involved in singing have gained immense prestige and it has helped students from a wide variety of backgrounds, from school refusers to the gifted and talented.

A wonderful service and an inspirational teacher!

West Dean CofE Primary School

Through employing a talented musician for a short time each week, the value can be seen in not only in children’s musical achievements, but also in their growing self-esteem and their willingness to 'have a go'.

West Dean C.E. Primary School


Inspirational music in a school can change the dynamics, mood and energy levels in a group of children and staff in the way no other subject can.
Through employing a talented musician for a short time each week, the value is not only seen in children's musical achievements, but also in their growing self-esteem and willingness to 'have a go'.

Gill Moss – Headteacher, West Dean C.E. Primary School



My daughter Katie will be off to university in September. She has enjoyed both for several years and we are really grateful to everyone who has made her musical experiences so rewarding and so much fun!
Jenny Hall, mother of Katie May 2014