World Music

Multicultural Experiences

World music workshops can be arranged in your school, providing an exciting alternative musical experience. Expert tutors will work alongside you and your pupils.


Gamelan is a percussion ensemble that uses gongs, chimes, drums and metallophones to make traditional Javanese and Balinese music.

Gamelan is an excellent education tool for music. The accessibility of the gamelan instruments makes it instantly rewarding to children and adults at all levels of musical experience.


Tabla – the name given to the pair of hand-drums played across the Indian sub-continent – workshops bring music, imagination and culture to life for children who attend the sessions.

It develops teamwork in a calm but fun environment. It is a great way to see hidden talents revealed, and watch pupils learn and grow in these new skills. It is a fantastic and creative workshop experience.

Steel Pans

The versatility of a steel pan means many styles of music can be explored including pop, reggae, jazz and soul, and even joining in an orchestra!

Steel pan is the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean.

Pupils can use them to quickly grasp the key principles of tuning, pitch and scales.


Samba is the carnival rhythm of Rio de Janeiro but many other styles of Brazilian percussion can be played on Samba Drums.

Samba drumming workshops have many benefits for all ages including tolerance, coordination, teamwork, confidence, leadership skills, creativity, motivation, and communication.


A Djembe is a rope-tuned, skin-covered goblet drum played with bare hands. The name comes from the Mali expression ‘everyone gathers together in peace’.

Playing Djembe drums improves co-ordination and motor skills. It also requires concentration and focus to learn the different rhythms and techniques. It encourages creativity, self-expression, a feeling of well-being and relaxation and promotes self-confidence.

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