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Whole Class First Access

Give your pupils a great start in music, support the curriculum, and build class teachers' skills and confidence

Whole class first access (also known as whole class ensemble teaching or WCET) is a great way to introduce pupils to learning an instrument and to musical concepts, and to support the curriculum. It builds confidence in music in both pupils and the class teachers, and hopefully inspires them to find ways to continue to make and learn music – including learning an instrument.

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Key2Music - Key Stage 2

A one-year, 30-week whole class ensemble teaching (WCET) programme designed for a Key Stage 2 classes. No previous experience of music is expected but we have designed the curriculum to continue seamlessly on the concepts covered in GetIn2Music (see below). Includes:

  • 30-week WCET programme across the academic year for one class of children
  • One West Sussex Music teacher leads the session supported by the class teacher
  • Up to 45 minutes of high-quality music tuition
  • Pupils achievements can be celebrated by a presentation in the final sessions each term
  • Supports the curriculum and upskills the class teacher

1Term2Learn - Key Stage 2

1Term2Learn is a one-term (10-week) whole class ensemble teaching (WCET) programme for Key Stage 2 pupils. It introduces pupils to learning an instrument, builds musical skills, and hopefully inspires them to take up lessons. It includes:

  • 10-week WCET programme across one term
  • One West Sussex music teacher leads the session supported by the class teacher
  • Up to 45-minutes of high-quality music tuition each week
  • Free loan of instruments provided by West Sussex Music for the duration of the programme for use in school
  • Pupils’ achievements can be celebrated by an end of term presentation
  • Standard 10-week scheme of work

GetIn2Music - Key Stage 1

A two-year 60-week WCET programme designed for year 1 and year 2 pupils (aged 5-7). This inspiring programme engages pupils through active learning and the use of carefully structured and enjoyable activities. Innovative and interactive teaching resources will be shared with staff and children to embed their learning. It includes:

  • 60-week whole-class teaching for one class of children over two academic years
  • Free loan of instruments as appropriate to the programme
  • One West Sussex Music teacher leads the session supported by the class teacher
  • 45 minutes of high-quality music tuition
  • Pupils’ achievements can be celebrated with a concert/presentation in the final session each term
  • Supports the curriculum and upskills the class teacher

The children and I are very much enjoying our current K2M programme with Emily Hall learning ukulele. Over half of the children in the class now have their own ukuleles which are really good news as it means they can now use ‘MusicWorld’ as part of Charanga to play their instrument at home. I am also confident that these children will be keen to attend an after school club to continue playing the ukulele when the K2M year ends which is great! It is likely that this will interest other year groups too so we may have a growing ukulele group at Easebourne thanks to West Sussex Music!

Katie Stevens
Rating: 10

An inspiring music education, like that on offer through West Sussex Music, is an entitlement for every child. It can be extremely fun and increases the children’s listening, concentration, literacy and language skills. It supports mathematical thinking, physical co-ordination and promotes team work and leadership skills. Children’s confidence increases as they perform. It is a core part of primary education for ….” Music has a power of forming the character and should be introduced into the education of the young” (Aristotle)….still SO true today as we watch our West Sussex Music Violin Ensemble and choir take to the stage!!

Sarah Palmer
Rating: 10

1term2learn has offered opportunities for our children that they normally may not have. The children really enjoy the sessions and the team delivering the lessons are professional and enthusiastic. Some of our children who find classwork a challenge have blossomed in music and we believe that it is a great avenue for boosting confidence and self-esteem.

Tom O’Donoghue
Rating: 10
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