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Musical milestone

West Sussex Music hit an enormous milestone this month with the number of music tuition lessons it offered exceeding 3,680. 

Acting as coordinators, West Sussex Music ensures that children and young people who are interested in learning an instrument are linked up with a teacher who can run a lesson. 

This involves working closely with schools across the county to ensure they get the teachers they need, and the students get the lessons they’re looking for.  

Right now 202 of the 286 West Sussex Music locality schools are engaged with offering tuition lessons for their pupils. 

James Underwood, chief executive for West Sussex Music, said: 

“One of our objectives for West Sussex Music is to ensure music for all. With that in mind we aim to work with as many schools as possible, to ensure the vast majority of children and young people who want instrument lessons have access to them.” 

He added: “We’re aware that learning an instrument is a form of privilege, and we’d never want a child or young person to miss out on the experience. Which is why so far this academic year we’ve arranged for more than 400 pupils to benefit from bursary funding support including tuition lessons, instrument hire and music centre membership.” 

 The 3,684 lessons are taught by experienced and vetted teachers and associate tutors and are managed by West Sussex Music. Currently there are more than 100 teachers working across the organisation, though there’s always room for more. 

We’re looking for incredible people with bags of musical talent and the confidence to teach children and young people.  

Roles vary from busy teaching vacancies in schools in Crawley, East Grinstead, and Horsham, to a couple of hours a week in our music centres.  

The roles that are currently being recruited are for guitar, keyboard and piano teachers to teach in schools in the north of the county. 

A high level of talent is a must, as is the ability to work effectively with children and young people.   

To apply, go to the website here 

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