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Emily Crowhurst

A Rich Curriculum: How do we create sustainable innovation?

A rich music curriculum grows, shifts and flexes with its school, its team and most importantly, its students. How do we make innovative and responsive curriculum design sustainable in a world where pressure on teachers is at an all time high and time to do this work is a luxury?

Drawing upon national documents & resources, as well as examples from her school’s music department, Emily will discuss some key examples of practice, process and products, that support a culture of sustainable innovation within the area of curriculum design.


Emily Crowhurst is Head of 4-18 Music & Performing Arts at School21 in Newham, East London, and has taught music in Inner London state schools for over ten years, after graduating with a degree in music from the University of Cambridge, followed by a PGCE in Secondary music and a masters degree in Education.

Emily is passionate about the craft of curriculum design and believes in the importance of having regular, high quality professional learning opportunities to support and empower teachers to develop the craft of teaching and leading a rich curriculum. The music curriculum she currently delivers is centred around five core practices; ensemble, community, mastery, creativity and flow, which are embodied and explored differently as students progress through the different stages of their education. During Y5-Y8, students experience the core practices through the lens of a band project, where students take part in an immersive ensemble curriculum as part of a wind band, big band or string orchestra.

Twitter: @CrowhurstEmily

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