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Music Centre


Millais School,
Depot Road
RH13 5HR

Manager: John Randall
Administrator: Heather Downie
Tel: 01403 286330


Cost per term

£70 for one activity, £110 for 2+ activities
First term or part-term free

Free for pupils on free school meals or pupils in care or those with refugee status
Half price for families on other state benefits

Horsham Music Centre activities


Tomorrow's Orchestra Programme, 10.45am

Standard: Beginners

Ages: 7 – 11 yrs old

When: Saturdays, 10.45am – 12.15pm 

Instruments: Brass, Violin and Flute

Music leader: John Randall & Kate Parkin

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Hi5 Elementary Group, 9am

Standard: Elementary five notes up to Grade 1

When: Saturdays, 9am – 10.45am  (Strings)

When: Saturdays, 9am – 10.45am  (Woodwind & Brass)

Music leader: Adam Barker, Russ Robinson, Joe Giddey, Nick Chalk, Luca Imperiale, John Randall, Angela Kirsten

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Drum Lab, 11am or 12pm

Standard: Beginner – Intermediate 

When: Saturdays, 11am – 12 pm or 12pm – 1pm

Instruments: Percussion & Drums

Music leader: Dale Bennet

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West Sussex Training String Orchestra, 9am

Standard: Intermediate (grades 1-3)

When: Saturdays, 9am – 10.15am

Instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass

Music leader: Adam Barker

West Sussex Training Wind Orchestra, 9am

Standard: Intermediate (grade 2 – 4)

When: Saturdays, 9am – 10.15am

Instruments: Brass, Percussion and Woodwind

Music leader: Vincent Godfrey

West Sussex Youth String Orchestra, 10.30am

Standard: Advanced (grade 4 or above)

When: Saturdays, 10.30am – 12pm 

Instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Harp

Music leader: Adam Barker

West Sussex Youth Wind Orchestra, 10.30am

Standard: Advanced (Grades 5 – 8)

When: Saturdays, 10.30am – 12pm

Type: Brass, Percussion & Woodwind

Music leader: Vincent Godfrey

West Sussex Youth Orchestra, 12.30pm

Standard: Advanced (entry by audition or invitation)*

When:  Saturdays, 12.30pm – 2.30pm

Instrument: Brass, Percussion, Strings and Woodwind

Music leader: Adam Barker & Vincent Godfrey

Please note: *All players are required to be members of West Sussex Youth Wind Orchestra or
West Sussex Youth String Orchestra.

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West Sussex Young Voices, 9am

Ages: 9 – 13 yrs old

When: Saturdays, 9am – 10.15am

Music leader: Mark Bradbury

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West Sussex Youth Choir, 10.30am

Standard: Advanced (entry by audition or invitation)

Ages: 13 – 21 yrs old

When: Saturdays, 10.30am – 12pm

Music leader: Mark Bradbury

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Youth Orchestra
Why get involved?

There are so many reasons to start making music! We’re committed to enabling all children and young people to access music education, so we have a generous bursary scheme to help with costs. 

What people are saying

I am consistently impressed by the kindness, encouragement and professionalism of your team. You create such a wonderful, nurturing environment for the children to learn and your support is remarkable. Your dedication and passion for music and seeing young people flourish under your guidance and tuition is evident in our son. I would wholeheartedly recommend any parent who wishes to give their child the gift of learning an instrument to reach out to West Sussex Music.

Alex Acraman, Parent of Horsham Music Centre student

As parents we are so happy with the environment. They learned new things and they had some changes in their daily lifes. The way they listed to music also different now. Not just listening but also making proper comments about it. Seeing all this makes me proud and happy. Thanks for making this available. I hope you can reach more children in the TOP program.

I learned notes. I started liking classical music. I joined a band in my school. And I made new friends.

It was good because I got to make new friends and get to play music that I couldn’t before. I liked doing concerts because I got to show off to my parents. I played glockenspiel, timpani, bongos, tambourine, crash cymbal, agogo bells and i tried the big bass drum. My favourite was timpani.

I loved it because I made a whole new groups of friends and learned a new instrument and got to perform to an audience of thousands. Even if you are young you can still feel great up on stage.

Both the musicians playing in the orchestra and the conductors could not be kinder and I would definitely recommend the orchestra to anyone who would like to play in a great and friendly environment.

Thank you, my children have benefitted so much from learning in a group and playing together. I wish Tomorrow’s Orchestra Programme (TOPs) had been around when I was a child.

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful session that my daughter, Issy Hoyle, experienced on Saturday at the Youth Wind Orchestra. She was absolutely thrilled by the whole experience and has been practising her pieces today. Thank you so much!

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