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Our values

Our values guide both the West Sussex Music Trust team and the partners in the Hub. We expect Hub partners to have a commitment to these values, and to help us develop and update these over time:

We are COLLABORATIVE and CONNECTED. As partners working with and for children and young people, we know that the only way to achieve our vision and deliver our mission is through open, transparent and effective relationships.

We are INCLUSIVE and HOLISTIC. Equity, diversity and inclusion is at the heart of everything we do. We recognise the contribution that music makes to the whole person and so we value social and personal as well as musical outcomes.

We are BOLDLY CREATIVE. We imagine, invent, take risks and share our learning, so that we can nurture and draw out each young person’s unique creativity and voice.

We are OPEN and RESPONSIVE. We listen to all our stakeholders without judgement or bias, and we make sure that young people’s voices are heard. We then act on what we hear. We hear you is a guiding phrase.

We are PROGRESSIVE and PROACTIVE. We have a can-do attitude. We don’t shy away from things that are new or challenging, or require us to adapt and change.  We focus on growth for and within young people, the professionals and organisations that support them, and the music pathways that they need.

We are TRUSTED and TRUSTING OF EACH OTHER. We are worthy of that trust because as partners, we act with integrity, always remembering that we are here for and because of children and young people.

We are ENABLERS and CHAMPIONS of children and young people’s music. We support and champion child-centred, authentic, fulfilling and meaningful music making and learning. This, for us, is what quality means in music education. We place these outcomes for children and young people above all else, and we’re activists with and for them.

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