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Emily Barden

Hub Partner Representative

About Emily:

“Hello, my name is Emily Barden. I am a singer, songwriter, choral leader and workshop facilitator. I run several adult community choirs under the umbrella ‘West Sussex Sings’ and have recently started a children’s choir ‘Bella Cantanti’. I work with various Music Hubs and organisations across the country, providing CPD  and workshops for teachers around classroom composition, songwriting, and creative ways to make music with young people. I write for ‘Sing Up’ and ‘Britten Pears Arts’ and work closely with the team at Snape Maltings on the Friday Afternoons project. I lead ‘Big Sings’ and other collaborative projects which celebrate the coming together of people to make music.

I think music is for everyone and I thoroughly enjoy working with many different groups and individuals to help them realise their creative ambitions and unlock their own voices and musical potential.

Songwriting  has been, and continues to be, the way I process the world around me, using songs as a way to express myself and communicate with others. This is something I love to share, and believe that the act of creating and making is something that benefits all people.

I have been working in music for 20 years and am always learning. The opportunity of being on the WSM board is one I really value, as I am committed to helping others access and enjoy music, whatever that path may be for them. WSM Hub should be looking to find ways to continually support and develop young people and their creative, musical journey”.


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