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Big Success for Little Sings

Young Children Wearing Blue School Uniform

With more than 2200 children from 44 schools taking part, Little Big Sings, an initiative run by West Sussex Music has been on the road touring the county’s schools for the last month. 

The Little Big Sings were a wonderful opportunity to bring together infants from multiple schools for a half-day of singing, led by a specialist singing leader. 

These events took place at schools right across West Sussex with some of the schools acting as a host school so that others in the locality could join in. 

As part of the Little Big Sings programme, West Sussex Music provided resources for two performance items for each participating school to learn and perform together in a massed choir. Alongside these performance items, schools could perform a song of their choice with a backing track or live accompaniment. 

James Underwood, Chief Executive for West Sussex Music, said: 

It’s been fantastic to have re-established our programme of Little Big Sings this year and we’ve been thrilled at the reception our workshop leaders have received from schools. Our team who run the events are incredibly enthusiastic and their passion to make every school a singing school shows in these events.” 

At the heart of a Little Big Sing events was the free CPD session for primary classroom teachers who were invited to work with WSM schools singing leader Rachel Maby who shared singing warm-ups, musical games and model session plans in preparation for the event itself.   

The feedback from the workshops has been really positive with comments from children taking part including –  

‘I enjoyed creating a band with our voices.’ 

‘I loved singing with my friends and hearing other pupils perform their songs.’ 

‘I learnt how to sing high.’ 

The singing team at West Sussex Music don’t have long to recover before they set out on the road again for their Big Sings tour – our programme of key stage 2 singing workshops.  

For more information visit the website.

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