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Kidenza is a charity with children at its heart.  It breaks down barriers to accessing live orchestral music by bringing high-quality professional concerts to children in their schools and local venues. Kidenza uses music to inspire, to increase confidence and to improve wellbeing using a multi-sensory creative approach to music education.  It believes that all children are entitled to the same access to the benefits of orchestral music and that their early experiences should be fun, engaging and never stuffy.

Kidenza offers experiences, workshops and connected teaching resources that are built with their roots in the National Curriculum for Music, as well as linking to PHSE, STEAM and other key subject areas.  Its 14-piece orchestra and smaller ensembles perform a wide range of music in short, manageable sections for children.

Kidenza’s musicians play in some of the UK’s finest orchestras, but its USP is taking the orchestra to children in areas that need it most. These young people are often from families who have not had access to the benefits of music themselves and would therefore otherwise never be inspired to include orchestral music in their lives.

Kidenza works collaboratively with West Sussex Music, and other music education hubs, to ensure that schools are targeted in key areas to reach those who will most benefit.  Kidenza is an Artsmark Partner and member of Music Mark.

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Since its foundation in 2009, Kidenza has performed to 38,457 pupils from 489 different schools and reached a further 10,655 through its family concerts. Many of these children had never experienced live orchestral music before (2/3 audience, 2018 Audience Agency report).  The recent inclusion of video content has increased our reach even further.

Kidenza provides young audiences with a live musical experience in host schools and external venues and with easily accessible video and live virtual content available for use in the classroom.

Kidenza works closely with other like-minded organisations and teachers to be the inspirers, often at the beginning of the child’s musical journey. Its concerts are accessible, inclusive, cheeky, quality, fun and educational.


I felt like I was walking into a new world…it made me think differently about an orchestra because normally I think they’re boring but NO!!  I didn’t like it, I loved it!  It’s the best music ever!                       Pupil audience member


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