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Orchestras Inc.

Accessible music for all

Orchestras Inc. is West Sussex Music’s accessible ensemble programme. The group has been developed in collaboration with special schools around the county and is funded through Youth Music’s Alliance for a Musically Inclusive England fund. West Sussex Music has been working in partnership with Create Music in East Sussex/Brighton & Hove, Kent Music and Surrey Music Hub to find ways to include all young people in music making of their choice.  At West Sussex Music, we have been working with our special schools and students with additional needs, delivering online and face to face workshops that allow communities of young musicians via Zoom and at live venues to make music together.

What’s happening?

 This term we are Rockin’ All Over World with our two wonderful practitioners, Emily Barden and Jo Eames.  Learning songs from different countries around the world and instrumental accompaniments, Emily and Jo have been leading weekly online sessions to around 70 young people in special schools across the county.  Towards the end of term, we will be delivering roadshows for groups of participating schools.  The roadshows will be a culmination of all the online work, brought to life.   We want to create a band feeling in the workshop, joining together the parts including singing/actions and instruments.  We will travel the world, stopping at all the countries we’ve learned about online together and we’ll perform our pieces from each place.

What will be happening next?

 Building on the great work that’s been taking place this term, from next term Orchestras Inc. will blend weekly online sessions and regular face to face gatherings at venues around the county.

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