Regulations and Conditions from September 2017

From time to time we will update these Regulations and Conditions and will always contact you to notify of any changes.

This is a document for parents and carers; "you" refers to "you, the parent or carer". Throughout this document, the terms 'instrument' or 'instrumental' should be understood to include 'voice' and 'singing'.

If you are a school applying on behalf of a parent / carer for a pupil in your school, it is the school's responsibility to get the Regulations and Conditions signed by the parent and sent to West Sussex Music.  This is to ensure that parents have read and understood the Regulations and Conditions of the contract with West Sussex Music.  If agreement is not confirmed and lessons take place, the school will be held liable for any debt incurred.


1. Lessons

The standard course of lessons is 33 lessons across the academic year.

Group lessons are taught to small groups of pupils at school or a local Music Centre.   Where there are three or more pupils, lessons are of 30 minutes length.  Where it is not possible, or appropriate, to organise group lessons with three or more pupils, two pupils will share a group lesson of 20 minutes length. If a pupil continuing with lessons cannot be accommodated satisfactorily within a group, or where very few pupils are learning a particular instrument within a school, alternative arrangements will be offered. Where alternative arrangements for a group lesson are not acceptable to the parent, West Sussex Music may offer you an 'Individual Lesson - 20 mins' at the Individual Lessons charge.

Individual lessons: Parents/carers may opt for Individual lessons of 20 minutes or 30 minutes in length.  


2. Lesson choice

It is not always possible to offer teaching on the full range of instruments in every school. If we are unable to offer lessons in school, we may be able to provide them at a Music Centre venue. Alternatively we may offer lessons on an alternative instrument.

3. Music Centre activities

Music Centre sessions take place either on Saturdays or week day evenings during term time and are managed locally by a Music Centre manager.  The activities are led by specialist West Sussex Music teachers. The standard course of Area Music Centre sessions is 30 in a full school year of which two sessions will be a concert performance for relevant groups.  Please note that an additional local charge may be made for audience attendance at concerts.

Music Centre activities are open to children up to the age of 19. Please be aware that some activities are age-specific and some require pupils to have reached a minimum standard before they are eligible to join. Membership of a County Ensemble will be subject to a competitive audition.


4.  Instrument hire

We have a limited stock of instruments to support pupils learning through West Sussex Music. Although we always try to help, we cannot guarantee to provide an instrument for every pupil. Priority will be given to families eligible for 'help with paying the fees' and for pupils in their first year of lessons. The period of hire is initially for one school year but may, subject to availability, be extended. If instrument hire starts after half-term, a charge of 50% will be made for this initial part term. 

Instruments that are not being used may be available to hire by pupils not learning their instrument through West Sussex Music. Please be aware that if the instrument is subsequently required by a West Sussex Music pupil, West Sussex will cease the agreement giving at least 6 weeks’ notice.

The instrument is to be used only by the pupil named in the hire agreement. The instrument remains at all times the property of West Sussex Music.


5. Application process


We aim to process your application promptly and will inform the relevant instrumental teacher of your details on the Monday following your application. The teacher will make contact with you during that week to give you lesson start details. Please note that the lesson start date will depend on the spaces available, which is why lessons may not always be able to start immediately. If lessons are unable to start immediately the teacher will keep you updated with progress.

Music Centre activities

We aim to turn around your application swiftly. Please note that for some activities it may not always be possible to start immediately.

6. The cost of lessons and instrument hire


Fee per lesson



Individual 20


Individual 30


Award scheme


Instrument hire [with WSM lesson]

£20 per term [first year]
£30 per term [second year+]

Instrument hire [only]

See section 23

 Fees can be paid on a termly basis or spread across the year as a monthly payment plan. Please contact to discuss monthly payment plan options.

The standard course of teaching is 33 lessons across the academic year. Termly invoices will charge for 11 lessons [autumn], 11 lessons [spring] and 11 lessons [summer]. 

7. The cost of Music Centre activities

Membership subscription

Each pupil will be charged a Music Centre membership subscription of £45 per term.  There will be a 50% reduction to the subscription for pupils starting Music Centre after a half-term break.

If you are a UK tax-payer, please maximise your subscription by agreeing to Gift Aid it to West Sussex Music Trust (Charity No 1152703) at no cost to you. By agreeing to Gift Aid your subscriptions we can claim 25p for every £1 of the membership from HM Revenue and Customs:

Activity charges

In addition to the membership subscription, a charge is made for each activity. There will be a 50% reduction to this charge for pupils starting activities after a half-term break. 

£5 per term

£10 per term

£15 per trerm


Aural class

Clarinet Choir

Concert Band

Big Band

Crawley Early Years

Large Group beginner lessons

Brass Ensemble

 Electric Strings

Music Club

County Ensemble

 Guitar Ensemble

Orchestral Percussion Ensemble

Theory class


String Orchestra

String Start 1

 String Start 2


Woodwind Ensemble


 8. Help with paying the fees

Providing your child attends a West Sussex maintained school (local authority, academy or free school), there is a scheme to help with the fees for your child’s music education with West Sussex Music:

  • 100% reduction for group lessons [one instrument only], Music Centre fees and the provision of a hire instrument, without charge to the parent / carer, for Children in Care for the duration of the West Sussex Music lessons.  Parents / Carers will be asked to confirm the eligibility of children from the appropriate local authority.

Pupils receiving Individual lessons are not eligible for financial help under the “Help with paying fees scheme”.


9. How to pay

Please do not send any money until you receive an invoice. The quickest way to pay the invoice is on-line through the West Sussex Music website by credit or debit card at   Alternatively payment can be made via BACS payment direct from your bank account, by telephone payment or by monthly payment plan.  If paying by BACS, please quote your invoice number as a reference. Please note that we do not accept cash payments.

Subsequent invoices will be sent out on the following dates:

  • 9 November 2017 [for spring term 2018]
  • 8 March 2018 [for summer term 2018]
  • 5 July 2018 [for autumn term 2018]


10. What happens if payment is late?

If full payment does not reach us by the date shown on the invoice, or there is failure to comply with an agreed monthly payment plan, the pupil will not be entitled to have lessons until the teacher has been told by West Sussex Music that payment has been received. When payment is received we will instruct the teacher that lessons can recommence providing that the lesson place has not been filled. Please note that we require a minimum of three working days for payments to be processed before lessons resume.

No refund or credit will be given for any lessons missed because of late payment. If any part of an account remains unpaid, this will affect all other services provided by West Sussex Music to the family, including other lessons, Music Centre activities and instrument hire. 

11. Cancellation charge

Lessons, Music Centre activities and instrument hire will continue term on term and year on year until appropriate written notice of withdrawal is received. If a pupil withdraws part way through a term, the term’s charges remain payable in full.

If you wish to cancel, notice must be given by email to  or in writing to West Sussex Music by:

  • 30 November 2017 to withdraw before the spring term 2018
  • 31 March 2018 to withdraw before the summer term 2018
  • 31 July 2018 to withdraw before the autumn term 2018

If notice to withdraw is not given by these dates, a Cancellation Charge of £41 will be payable towards the cost of rescheduling lessons and/or loss of a teacher’s planned income. Payment of the Cancellation Charge does not entitle a pupil to attend lessons.


12. If the pupil misses a lesson or music centre activity

Where lessons have been missed because the pupil has been absent or unavailable, a refund or credit will not be given except for special reasons such as prolonged illness (greater than half a term). Refunds will not be given because the pupil has been absent / unavailable due to occasional illness, school trips, examinations, study leave, forgetfulness or similar reasons. Any refund or credit will be made at the end of the school year on application to , not on a term-by-term basis.


13. If the teacher misses a lesson

If the full course of lessons has not been offered across the academic year, a refund or credit will be given if you apply to West Sussex Music by 31 August. The amount of the lesson refund will be calculated according to the shortfall in the number of lessons and will be made after the end of the school year on application to, not on a term-by-term basis. For pupils who start lessons part way through the year, the amount refunded will depend on the fees that have been paid and the number of lessons that have been offered. Refunds are not available with respect to instrument hire.

14. Reporting on progress

Progress will be monitored continuously.  An end of term Progress Summary will inform parents/carers and pupils of progress in the autumn and spring terms.  In June an annual Report is issued for each pupil. 

Regular contact should be maintained between teacher and parent by means of the weekly practice diary or, if urgent, by email. Where a pupil is not progressing at a reasonable rate, you will be consulted and targets set for improvement. If these targets are not met, West Sussex Music reserves the right to discontinue lessons.


15. Other costs

You are expected to provide music and accessories and to pay for any external examination for which you wish your child to be entered, including accompanist's fee.

Music Centre activities

16. Welfare of pupils

It is expected that pupils will arrive in good time for the start of their activity. Should your child need to be absent for an activity please inform in advance of the session.

Pupils must be collected promptly at the published finishing time of the activity and must remain in the building after their activity until collected. Parents/carers must advise their child not to leave the premises with anyone other than the nominated responsible adult. Pupils must tell a member of staff if they are ever approached or offered a lift by a stranger. 

Music Centre staff may on occasion need to release pupils for good reason for part of an activity, for example to use the toilet. Pupils are expected to return to their activity as soon as possible and Music Centre staff cannot be held responsible for pupils who do not return promptly. It is strictly forbidden for pupils to leave an activity without previously obtaining the permission of the member of staff.


17. West Sussex Music Award pupils

West Sussex Music Award holders are required to attend appropriate West Sussex Music County Ensemble activities as directed by West Sussex Music.

18. Other costs

For most ensembles there are at least two concert opportunities per year. There is usually a charge for tickets to these events for audience members. The ensemble may have a performing uniform that members will be expected to supply – further details should be sought from the member of staff or Music Centre manager.

Some activities may require pupils to supply their own resources eg. theory books, pencils and music stands.


Instrument hire

19.  Getting your instrument

We will contact you when your instrument is available. Instruments can be collected from the West Sussex Music office at Herbert Shiner School, Petworth, or we can arrange to send the instrument to a school which is part of the West Sussex schools’ courier route; allow two school weeks for delivery. Please check if your school is part of this scheme.

20.  Use of the instrument

No sub-letting or loaning of instruments is permitted to any other parties. The instrument is intended for the sole use of the pupil named in the hire agreement.

21.  Ending the hire

You can stop the hire at any time within the year, although any hire fees already paid for that term will not be refunded. You need to notify us immediately if your child stops learning through West Sussex Music or you decide to discontinue the hire. We will tell you how to return the instrument. Do not give the instrument to the teacher or leave at a school unless West Sussex Music has been notified.  The hire agreement and fees will cease only once the instrument has been received at West Sussex Music, Petworth.

You remain liable for any loss or damage until we confirm that the instrument has been received by West Sussex Music in good condition. If the instrument is not returned to us West Sussex Music reserves the right to replace the instrument at the hirer’s expense.

22.  Looking after the instrument

We aim to issue the instrument in good condition and expect it to be looked after and returned in the same condition with all the accessories. You will be responsible for the cost of any repairs or damage however caused and for consumables such as replacement strings, rosin, reeds, grease and oils.

If the instrument gets damaged contact the West Sussex Music office immediately. Do not organise your own repair. If the instrument cannot be repaired you will be charged the current value of the instrument.


23. Insurance

By agreeing to these Regulations and Conditions you are acknowledging responsibility for all loss or damage to the instrument even if caused by acts or events outside of your control.  Please check your home contents insurance policy carefully; for some high value instruments you may need to take out extra cover.

Indicative insurance values:

  • Up to £300         clarinet, flute, guitar, keyboard, viola, violin
  • £300 - £500       baritone horn, cello, cornet, French horn, tenor horn, trombone
  • £500 - £1000+   bassoon, double bass, oboe, saxophone, tuba


24. Hire Costs for Non-West Sussex Music pupils

For pupils not learning the instrument through West Sussex Music:


Monthly Charge







Saxophone (Alto)


Double Bass


French Horn






Baritone Horn








Tenor Horn








Guitar (Acoustic)




Payment is by monthly payment plan. Please contact to set up this facility.

25.  Privacy notice

Please be aware that West Sussex Music staff will need to communicate with parents / carers by email or phone, e.g. to inform them of lesson times, progress, etc.  When sending emails to parents, West Sussex Music staff will always: use their @westsussexmusic work address; send to parents, not children; send group emails 'Bcc'; send teaching timetables only to the parents of children at the same school. [Please be aware this may identify your child by name and tutor group / class]. 

West Sussex Music staff adhere to current data protection legislation and our 'Acceptable Use of IT' policy.


26. Enquiries, questions and contacts

For enquiries about your bill or payment and for general enquiries, please contact West Sussex Music by e-mail at or telephone 08452 081 182 or 01798 343 361. For general questions, please contact the instrumental teacher either by e-mail to (and we will forward) or write a note on the practice diary for the next lesson.

Please remember to tell West Sussex Music if you move house, change your contact details, or if your child moves school. We aim to provide lessons in the new school but we need to know immediately about the change in order to make the necessary arrangements. 

Click here to download these Regulations and Conditions as a PDF.