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Laura Robertson

Alumni representative

Ex- County Ensembles & Horsham Music Centre

Laura graduated from the University of Southampton in 2020 after obtaining an Undergraduate degree in Music, with a year’s employment working for Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. While working in the marketing department, Laura became interested in the administrative side to professional music, and also enjoyed helping with the orchestra’s extensive library. She has also worked as an artist manager and publicity officer for Turner Sims concert hall in Southampton. She also particularly enjoys the music of Vaughan Williams, Holst, Rimsky-Korsakov and John Powell.

Laura joined the WSMT team as the Alumni representative for the Hub Board, as she was an active member of the West Sussex county and local ensembles for ten years, from 2006-2016. As a young person growing up with access to great opportunities, she wants to give back to the Trust that helped her discover that music her path. Being on the board will help her do exactly this – and ensure that every child possible also gets the amazing chances that she grew up with.

Laura joined the Bernardi Music Group in the Spring of 2021 as the Box Office manager and Librarian, with a view to working in orchestra outreach and arts administration in the future. After 4 years at University, she realised she has a keen interest specifically in Community Music – and went on to start a Masters degree in music at the University of York this September.

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