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Winter Concert sparkles

A Group Of Young Musicians Play String Instruments On A Stage

Last weekend, the culmination of months of hard work paid off with two winter concerts given by West Sussex Music ensembles. 

The events took place at Worthing Assembly Hall on Saturday 2 December and was made up of one afternoon, and one evening concert.  

Both of the concerts were opportunities for the children and young people who have been learning and playing instruments with West Sussex Music in various capacities, to perform for an audience. 

The afternoon concert featured Hi5 – Horsham Elementary Winds. Chichester and Worthing Youth Orchestras, the Horsham Training Strings & Training Winds, Drum Lab, and the Tomorrow’s Orchestra. Whilst the evening concert treated audiences to performances from West Sussex Youth Choirs and the West Sussex Youth Orchestras. 

James Underwood, Chief Executive of West Sussex Music, said:  

“Our winter concerts are a perfect opportunity for us to show just how far our incredible students have come in their learning. It also gives our musicians the chance to perform for a real audience and celebrate all the hard work they’ve put in during the term. 

“Giving our young people these opportunities to perform as part of their learning through our various music groups helps give them greater self-confidence in their instruments and voices. On Saturday I was blown away by the musicianship displayed and delighted by the joy displayed by performers and audience alike.” 

If you know a child or young person who would be interested in learning an instrument, playing in a band, performing in a choir or anything else involving music, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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