About Us 

West Sussex Music is a one-stop shop for high quality music education throughout West Sussex.

Our vision is that:

As leaders in high quality music education, West Sussex Music nurtures, inspires and enriches, changing lives through music.

Nearly 180 teachers support over 18,000 children with their music-making across the county’s schools and colleges.

Our offer to students includes vocal projects, whole-class ensemble tuition, small group & individual instrumental & vocal tuition and rock & pop sessions, as well as a comprehensive range of musical activities based at our Music Centres.

We are dedicated to supporting schools and teachers to achieve the best possible outcomes for pupils, their families and the community.

Through our curriculum support, professional development opportunities and facilitating role, West Sussex Music builds music into the fabric of school life.

West Sussex Music also supports projects that enable access to cultural opportunities for disadvantaged and disaffected young people through our partnerships with others.





West Sussex County Youth Orchestra

West Sussex Music

West Sussex Music is the largest provider to children and young people of high-quality music education in West Sussex.

Building on its history as the Local Authority’s Music Service, its heritage goes back over 50 years and West Sussex Music maintains these strong links with the County’s Schools and Colleges.

Along with its Strategic Partners, West Sussex Music continues its valued role as the Music Education Hub for West Sussex.

West Sussex Music is a Not-for Profit Independent Company Limited by Guarantee with Charitable Status. Its musical opportunities for children and young people are funded by income from parents, schools and The National Music Grant, administered by Arts Council England.

West Sussex Music was incorporated on 10 May 2013 and there are Six Trustees of the Company.

West Sussex Youth Orchestra