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Music Education Hub

West Sussex Music works with strategic partners to increase opportunities for all young people to make and learn music.

We have a Hub Board that oversees our use of the Government’s national music grant and our Hub’s music education strategy. The Hub Board has representatives from schools, young people, families, music professionals and partner organisations.

Hub Board

The West Sussex Music Education Hub Board oversees the Hub’s national music grant and is made up of stakeholders and cultural partners.

More about music education hubs

Music education hubs are partnerships of organisations working together to create joined-up music education provision, in and out of school, as part of the National Plan for Music Education (NPME) in England. They are there to ensure that all children and young people have equitable access to high-quality music education activity.

They are each coordinated by a hub lead organisation – in this case West Sussex Music – which takes on responsibility for the funding and governance of the hub. There are more than 100 hubs across England, and each receives a grant from the Department for Education, administered through Arts Council England, designed to deliver an excellent music education for all, with partnership at its core. This is expressed via:

  • a vision
  • three aims
  • five strategic functions

The NPME articulates a vision for music education in which:
All children and young people should be able to learn to sing, play an instrument and create music together, and have the opportunity to progress their musical interests and talent, including into a professional creative career.

Every Hub is expected to deliver against three aims as set out in the NPME:

  1. To support schools and other education settings to deliver high-quality music education.
  2. To support young people to further develop their musical interests and talent, including into employment.
  3. To support all children and young people to engage with a range of musical opportunities in and out of school.

Hub Lead Organisations are responsible for five strategic functions outlined in the NPME: Partnerships, Schools, Progression and musical development, Inclusion and Sustainability.

Hubs outline how they will achieve these aims and strategic functions in a Local Plan for Music Education (LPME), which partners will work collectively to design and deliver.

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