Music Lessons in School

Our specially designed tuition programmes allow children and young people to progress and have fun making music.

Certificates are awarded to celebrate each level of achievement as students learn new skills and techniques. There are exams in classical, rock and jazz styles. Or, tuition can be just for fun!

We teach a huge range of instruments. Even if your instrument is not on our list we may still teach it, so please ask.

What types of lessons are available?

West Sussex Music offers schools the opportunity to provide instrumental lessons on a range of instruments: Strings, Brass, Woodwind, Guitar, Percussion, Keyboard and Voice. Please note that children may need to be age / size appropriate for certain instruments.

All instrumental teaching staff are well qualified, experienced musicians who have been subject to a safer recruitment process and enhanced criminal record check. Teachers are regularly observed and receive training throughout the year to help them maintain and develop their teaching skills.

Most children start lessons in small groups of 3 or more pupils. We believe this provides the most effective, affordable and enjoyable way to learn especially in the early stages. For more advanced learners (and all piano pupils), or those with additional learning needs, Individual 20 minute and Individual 30 minute lessons are sometimes available.

My school doesn't offer lessons on the instrument we want - what can we do?

To offer lessons with a specialist teacher at your local school, West Sussex Music needs a request from the school and there would normally need to be at least an hour’s worth of students committed to taking the lessons. If you contact your headteacher they may be willing to see if other students are interested.

If your school is not able to offer the instrumental opportunities you require, please consider joining one of our area Music Centres where there is a range of Saturday instrumental groups and weekday after school individual lessons.

What happens if a teacher misses a lesson?

Teachers are required to keep accurate records and sign in when they arrive at school.

Lessons are delivered for 33 weeks across a school year; this gives 5 weeks when teachers can visit schools to make up any missed lessons due to staff absence or school closures.

How much do lessons cost?

Group Lessons 

Group Lessons            £8.50 per lesson / £23.38* per month

Individual Lessons 

20 minutes                  £13.90 per lesson / £38.22 per month* 

30 minutes                  £20.40 per lesson / £56.10 per month*

Financial support for music lessons

West Sussex Music Trust Bursary Fund assists with the costs of music education to support students in financial need, where Pupil Premium funding is not available. If you would like more information, please go to 'West Sussex Music Trust Bursary Fund'

Click here to Apply for Music Lessons in School 

Your child will be considered as soon as a lesson place becomes available, although it is not always possible to offer tuition immediately.