The 10 Pieces Virtual Choir launches today, Fri 5th June BBC Music Day.

FRI 05 JUN 2015

Over the last few months West Sussex Music have coordinated a project with 20 local schools and West Sussex Youth Choir creating the West Sussex 10 Pieces Virtual Choir.

This has been created using vocalised excerpts of the BBC 10 pieces which have been layered into a ‘mashup’. Each school then recorded the mash up and sent it to a central point where it was collated into the final choir version along with a slideshow.

The virtual choir consists of over 3,000 voices from Infant schools, primary schools, secondary schools and SEN schools. The aim was to make children feel part of something spectacular and much bigger than just their school without the restrictions of travel and money (West Sussex is a huge and largely rural county) 

During the morning of 5th June, all 20 participating schools will play the video, thus creating a county wide event within each school, a fitting way to mark BBC Music DayCelebrate with WSM, bringing people together from all backgrounds, ages and across musical genres. 

See here for a link to the final video.